Strawberry Picking


My family and I went to strawberry picking in Yoshimk town, Saitama last holiday.


It’s season to gather strawberries in Japan. It costed 1,400 Japanese yen per adult and 700 Japanese yen per under 6 years old kids for 30 minutes. During the 30 minutes, you can eat sweet strawberries as much as you want to eat.


If strawberries are very red, the taste is really sweet.The kind of strawberry called “Tochiotome” was made in Tochigi prefercture in 1996. It’s one of the most popular strawberry.

Since the plant is set at high, you don’t need to bend down to pick strawberries. Inside the plastic greenhouse is very clean. This greenhouse looks a factory, doesn’t it?


My two daughters also love eating them. They ate over 30 strawberries.


There is a shop near to the firm where you can buy souvenir made from the strawberries. This is strawberries chocolate.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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