Graduation Ceremony at Day Care


Yesterday was a graduation ceremony at day care of my youngest daughter.
She has attended the day care for 5 years. So it is also a day which she shows her growth to everyone.
The ceremony has three parts.The first part is that the principal of the day care gives each children graduation certificate.Then children change into T-shirt and show their talent such as cartwheel, spinning-top, singing songs and vaulting box during the second part.At the third part they play Japanese drums. My daughter performed well thanks to her effort at home and day care.

Their perfomance brought tears to parents’ eye.
That’s why they remind what they happend for five years.
The memory includs both happiness and difficulty of childcare.


This is a graduation certificate including a group photo.


These are flowers received a teacher at day care and lower children.
Lower children also attended the ceremony. They learned from upper children a lot.

It was a special and touching day for my family.

This is one of a song “Precious Friends” which they sang. (This place isn’t my daughter’s day care.)

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40 thoughts on “Graduation Ceremony at Day Care

  1. How wonderful and sweet. Congratulations to your daughter. My little one will be graduating, too, this coming June, when there will also be a ceremony. I imagine it was very special to see all the children your daughter has spent the last 5 years with and to see how they have all grown and changed. Special friendships, too, that they have formed. Very nice. Thank you for sharing this day with us!

    • Thank you so much. Your little one will be also glad to graduate kindergarden. As you say, it was precious day. We’ll remember that day someday. 5 years is very long for kids.

  2. Children do grow fast, aren’t they? *^o^* It must have been a beutiful ceremony, was your daughter nervous before the performance? I think all the parents were nervous. *^v^*

  3. Congratuate you on your daughter’s graduation from day care. 5 years is a long time. It might inspire your strong feelings. The kids are innocent and beautiful when they sing.

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