Snowdrop and Flu


A lot of snow still remain on the ground but the snow is melting day by day. This snowdrop in our garden suddenly appeared under the snow. The nature thing is very strong.

On the other hand, my oldest daughter got flu yesterday. Her temperature was 39 degree. She took relenza of medicine.Doctor said, “You should not take your eyes off your daughter because some patient of flu may do unusual behavior.Your daughter needs to take five days off.”
Today, her favor had gone and ate many rice balls. She is saying , “I’m worried that I may not catch up my class and can’t study homework of Kanji.” The problem sounds big for her but we parents aren’t worried about it.

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40 thoughts on “Snowdrop and Flu

  1. Snowdrops are a wonderful sight as they Spring up during Winter! This is a lovely photograph.

    So sorry to hear your daughter is unwell. We have a saying here: “Feed a cold but starve a fever”. Sounds like your daughter is on the mend eating things she has a ‘fancy’ for. Rice is good ‘get well’ food. Best wishes to her for a speedy recovery :-)

  2. 高熱で辛かったことでしょう。インフルエンザの薬も今はいろいろあるようですが、お嬢さんはまだ幼いので医師の注意があるのかもしれないですね。どうぞお大事にしてください。 漢字学習が気になるのも可哀そうですね。 大丈夫ですよ! すぐに追いつけます。 スノードロップの花がとても綺麗です。

    • ありがとうございます。 B型のインフルエンザでした。学校ではやっているようで明日からいくつかのクラスが学級閉鎖です。勉強の方はなんとかなるでしょう。。  

  3. Lovely photo!

    I hope your daughter gets well soon, and that she’ll stay in bed! (Teachers don’t like it when sick students go to school, because then everybody — including the teacher! — gets sick.)

    No flu for me this winter, but … hay fever! It’s started! (>_<)

  4. Hope your daughter is feeling better now. High temperatures makes one feel low. I am sure she will be able to complete and catch up with all her studies. Best wishes to her.

  5. By now your daughter has left the fever and aches behind! A snowdrop is a cheerful sight, and good cheer is healing! Anyway, children usually make amazing recoveries. Delicious onigiri are healthy too.
    When we were little and would worry about missing something in school because we were sick, my mother sometimes would joke, So you’ll be a professor a few days later!

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