Staying At Home

Last Friday, it snowed a lot again. My family and neighborhood were busy for shoveling snow.Snow shovels are sold out at most stores, because we didn’t prepare for snow well.Since most buses and trains were delayed, I think that many people stayed at home on last weekends.

As for me, I was studying English and I started to study Chimese because I’m interested in Taiwan and so on. Chinese pronounce is difficult but most Kanji is similar to ours. Additionally. I was watching “24” on Hulu. (24 is a TV drama in the US. Hulu is a internet service to watch many kinds of movies and dramas. )

As for my daughters, they made the other snow men and snow houses.They sometimes played a game of iPad.The game is “angry bird Go” made in Finland. I was worried that they played the games a lot . However, they also like drawing pictures and reading books. 


This is a picture which my youngest daughter drew in watercolors.The Spring will arrive soon.
Anyhow, that’s a good holiday for each of us.

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31 thoughts on “Staying At Home

  1. We had snow some time ago and it seems now it went away to Japan, because there is a warm Spring weather in Poland now. *^o^* It’s nice to have a day off, to relax and spend time with a family!

  2. How long have you been studying Chinese? I have been studying it for the last year, although my reading is still much better than my speaking. It must help you a lot to already know the kanji, especially if you are studying the Taiwanese version, since they don’t simplify the characters. Good luck with it!

    • Thank you. I have studyed Cinese senile a month ago. There are many things to learn and I’m not sure that I would master it. However, I’ll try it for tun. I chose easy character not for Taiwan. :)

  3. It is good to have the opportunity to stay at home sometimes and just watch TV and play games, children grow so quickly and soon would rather be out with friends than home with mum, no matter what the weather does. Your daughter’s painting is lovely, very happy. Good luck with learning your new languages.

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