A Livestock Farm


My family and I visited a nearby livestock farm last weekend.
You can enter the farm and get close to the cows.


My children gave them grass even though they were scared of them.


The long tongue of the cows amazed us and they often urinated and defecated regardless of whether we were looking at them.
In addition, we found that a cow was milking without being touched.


The shop in the farm was selling various milk products such as ice cream, cheese and cookies.


After we played with cows, we bought milk soft creams and pepper cheese.The tastes were well above average.


There was also cheese toppings on the rice. I was curious what the taste was.


You can become a cow with the board.


Are there any friendly farms in your places?

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47 thoughts on “A Livestock Farm

  1. I grew up in the country, so there were definitely cows around (although mostly the farmers where I lived raised wheat, beans, corn and other plants.
    They really are big when you get up close to them – I can understand why your daughters might have been a bit scared at first. Looks like they had fun, too, though! :)

  2. There are cows everywhere where I live. One of my Japanese exchange student friends came out to my house, and ended up having to stop because some got out of their pen. She is from Tokyo, so she had never even seen cows. She had to wait until the police came with cattle prods to get the cows back in their pen. For her, it was an adventure! There is a farm near my house that specializes in livestock and produce children can play with. In the fall they have a corn maze and pumpkin patch. The whole farm is run by one family and all the children^^

    You should have told your daughters that cows are afraid of almost everything. My cat Tiger enjoys scaring the ones up the road^^

    • I see. Thanks for sharing. As you say, many people in the city area have never seen animals except in zoos. So my children are lucky to enjoy there for free.
      My family and I have never imagined that cows are afraid of something. :D

  3. I grew up with cows in a field near our house – they sound very loud if they’re mooing near your bedroom window early in the morning! Yours looks like a very nice farm. We have one that is not far from us that we visit in the fall – they have a lot of “pick your own” fruits and vegetables and in the fall they have a huge pumpkin patch and you can feed the animals and go through a corn maze and shoot tomatoes with a giant slingshot.

    • Thanks for sharing. You are also lucky to experience such good things. “Pick your own” fruits is popular in Japanese local areas. The fruits are mikan(like oranges), grape, strawberry, apple, pears and so on. You would like such local areas..

  4. Wonderful post,Cocomino, and I guess it was a great experience. Thats the way to do it these days when most people live in cities, so that children can learn were the food comes from, it is not only the shop. No we don’t have this around here, but the farms are not so big and there are cows around outside in the summer. Some farms close to cities have visitors some times, but not in this way.

    • Yes, it’s a great experience. I agree with you. It’s important to know where the food comes from. People in some farms are trying to attract people in the city area. We need to exchange various culture.

  5. There are lots of places in Rural England where one can get up close to cattle – which is wonderful. There are dangers too as cows do not take kindly to people letting their dogs off leads and worrying the young calfs. Many public footpaths take people across farmland but with access comes responsibility.

  6. We are in an area with many farms, mostly vegetables (corn, asparagus, many crops). There are a few dairy farms also, although I don’t know if you can “visit” like you and your family did. The best ice cream in the WORLD comes from the herd at one of our local farms (and I’ve sampled a lot of ice cream!). They sell the different ice cream flavors at their farm stand, which is called Flayvors of Cook’s Farm. It’s hard to choose, but I think my favorite flavor is black raspberry. We also have many farms in New England which farm trees! In the spring, they tap the sugar maples and boil the sap to make maple syrup, which is DELICIOUS. Have you ever seen maple syrup in Japan? These “sugarhouses” which make the syrup during two months in spring usually serve breakfasts then, things like pancakes and French toast, with bacon or ham, and tea and coffee. Of course, with lots of maple syrup.

    • Oh, that’s great that you can eat various kinds of ice cream. I’m interested in the flavor of black raspberry.
      I have seen maple syrup only in a shop and it’s a bit expensive. So I buy it for a few times. It’s also good that you use it a lot. :)

  7. うちの近所には牧場もあるんですよ。

    • 来世が豚ですかあ。。それは、考えたことないですねえ。私は、やっぱり人間がいいかな。 

  8. I am blessed to share a small farm with my husband. Since Northwest Alabama is largely rural, we are blessed with many friends and neighbors with farms containing wonderful cows, horses, goats, llamas, geese, chickens, ducks, peacocks, donkeys, mules–you name it! Wonderful to see your daughters feeding that Holstein cow through the fence.

  9. The soft cream looks really good. We love the dairy products they have near us in the mountains of Nagano Prefecture :)

  10. We have two small city run farms in Toronto. Unfortunately the city wants to offload them and save a few dollars. For the value these farms give to everyone who visits and especially for the children who never get a chance to see any farm animals, the savings of the government are minimal and the cost are huge to the people who live here.

    • I see. There are always such issues in farms. I hope that good farms will remain and children can learn from the farm a lot. We need to think about the problem without the cost.

  11. We have cows in our area that wonder through the streets of our village. Last week they ate my spinach which I had been growing for 4 weeks! They also walked over my rocket plants and destroyed my green peppers. Very frustrating. They cause damage but they are also beautiful and it is pleasant to have farm animals wondering around. I prefer it to living in a city, so I don’t get VERY upset, but I will need to do a bit of fencing before I plant again!

  12. That’s quite an experience to visit a livestock farm…and a good one for children if they don’t live near one. It’s nice your daughters experienced this. I grew up on a crop farm (very hard work), but we were surrounded by dairy farms. It didn’t matter which way the wind was blowing, we always got the smell from the dairy farms!

    • Thank you so much. It’s nice to experience in a farm although you have very hard work.
      I also like the smell from the farms. It’s obviously better than city’s one.

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