Universal Design

When architects plan large shops, schools, museums and hotels, they must include in the plan universal facilities such as toilets, handrails and parking according the law.

The term “universal” means that everyone, including elderly people, the disabled like people in wheel chairs, and pregnant females, can use them.

sss-009 - コピー

This special parking is installed near the store and the route from the parking to the entrance is flat.

sss-008 - コピー

This toilet is universal.It has enough space for a person in a wheelchair.On the other hand, parents like me sometimes use it with their kids.

There are also universal signs which every one can understand because the signs use illustrations.

In short you can travel and live in Japan easily even if you can’t read Japanese.

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37 thoughts on “Universal Design

  1. I absolutely agree – I didn’t know much Japanese last year but I spent a month in Japan and had no problems understanding the signs and directions.

  2. Yes, this is the modern achitecture! or as you named Universal Design… In my city and in my country we began to see these signs too… But of course not easy to change everything according to these universal design… But especially I support the daily life for disabled people should be easy as much as others… This was a nice post. Japan is a great country. Thank you, with my love, nia

    • Thanks. Of course we should support each other. I’m glad to know that these signs are increasing.
      Japan isn’t perfect but there are some good things. :smile:

  3. All your photos here highlighting the various universal features of these shopping areas are so smartly designed and bright and CLEAN! Wonderful to see how easy it would be for us to travel in Japan!

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