My Daughter’s Work

When March arrives, my children bring their works from their school to my home.
That’s why March is an end of class.


Surprisingly, these crayfishes were made of newspaper. They are powerful.


This is a picture when a sport festival was held during last fall.


This is an art of bubble soap.
All of them are good memory both for my daughter and us.

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66 thoughts on “My Daughter’s Work

  1. コラージュのような工夫、屈託のない色づかい、のびのびと育ってられている様子が絵から伝わってきます。 ほんとうに素敵な絵ですね ☆⌒d(*^ー゚)b

    • ありがとうございます。絵は、普段どういうようなことを感じているかがわかります。こういう後になると貴重な作品は、すぐになくなったり紙が悪くなったりするのでなるべくデジタル化もしておこうかと思います。

  2. Beautiful works of art Cocomino! Maybe your very talented daughter will grow up to be an artist… or architect. :)

  3. Wonderful early talents your daughters exhibit here, dear Coco. I particularly like the bubble one! If you are like I was when my children were this age, many surfaces in the home are covered with these artworks!

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