Playing with Dinosaurs

Last weekend I brought my children to a large zoo.
The place we spent the longest time was the dinosaurs corner and not the animals area.

There are twenty kinds of dinosaur statures in the forest.
The tallest dinosaur statue was more than seven meters high.
Children were able to climb on their feet, tails and necks.
They are like play equipment for children.
If they still lived now, I wonder if they could exist at the recent zoos.

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37 thoughts on “Playing with Dinosaurs

  1. WoW! Those are so realistic looking. Are they soft or hard to touch? They did a great job creating them but how do you get up the neck of the tallest ones? :-)

  2. What is it with kids and dinosaurs? I remember being fascinated with them as a child, but have grown out of any interest now! This looks like a great “jungle gym”.

  3. Fun,fun,fun…dinasours always makes my son excited too. Looks like your daughters had an amazing time . Beautiful pictures. You are an adventurous, loving parent. Your post inspired me to making adventures with my son too. Stay blessed.

  4. Gosh – they really are huge! Children and dinosaurs always seem to go together. I love your images which remind me of when my children were small and besotted with dinosaurs!

  5. We have some similar dinosaurs statues outside the Science Center in Saint Louis (not nearly that many, though – I don’t think). It’s been a while since I’ve been there, but I seem to remember they were very popular. :)

  6. Nice capture. I think kids love to explore things that is different and unique. My boys were really into dinosaurs when they were little. I think they would’ve picked the fake dinosaur zoo over the real one too. :)

  7. Wow. What a great zoo. When I was young, we had a museum in Seattle with moving dinosaurs (robots), but they were not as realistic as this.

    My four year old daughter doesn’t like dinosaurs, but her male friends all do. :-)

  8. Interesting figurines! They do look life-like! And since, we havent seen them in reality, they do attract and fascinate us even more. Nice creative work by the authorities and great fun captures by you. Felt like taking a tour myself :-)

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