Sanrio Puroland 02 Kitty’s Chair

Kitty’s house was at the Puroland.
You can enter the house and look at the interior and furniture designed for Kitty.
My children got in Kitty’s bath and sat on her bed.
The last room you visit is the place where you can take a photo with Kitty who is as tall as adults.
My children enjoyed shaking hands with Kitty.

By the way, I was interested in her various chairs because a chair is one of the most important pieces of furniture at home.
Many architects think seriously about a chair’s design.
Can you imagine a new chair design thanks to these chairs??

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48 thoughts on “Sanrio Puroland 02 Kitty’s Chair

  1. どれも夢のある楽しいデザインですね。沢山紹介頂けてラッキーです。いろんなシーンで使うことを想定してデザインされているのでしょうね。 面白い!

  2. Concerning your comment on my blog about sending goodies from Japan, I’d love that! *^v^* Please contact me by mail ( so we could exchange our addresses, I’d like to send you some Polish items in return.

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