Modern Appartment vs Old Buildings

Kawagoe city is one of the popular cities for living in Saitama prefecture.
There are many traditional buildings and convenient shops.

As the population grows, developers buy up old houses and parking areas and indiscriminately redevelop the sites into multi-storey apartment buildings which are often over ten storeys high.

I took this photo at the new shopping area where old sake warehouses were rebuilt for tourists.
The shopping area includes restaurants, souvenir shops and a gallery.
This area is located so close to the train station that there are many apartments around as you probably have already noticed from the photo.
I was disappointed at this area because of the city landscape here.
I don’t mean that apartments should not be built.
However, I don’t think high tower apartments are needed in Kawagoe city.

On the other hand if there is a rule prohibiting the construction of high buildings, the skyline can be kept low.

Actually this problem happens not only in Kawagoe city but also in almost all cities in Japan.
As the city population density becomes higher, conflicts of interest between developers and inhabitants as more likely occur.
In some cases people go to the courts seeking damages for nuisances stemming from city scape, redevelopment, sunlight blockage, noise pollution and wind blockage.

I think that the first step to build a peaceful and beautiful city is the education of people on the morality and ideal of building a desirable city.