Summer Trip in Iiyama City 05 : Eating Vegetables in Various ways

After we got the vegetables in the vast field, we visited a public camp site where we could use water, a barbecue grill and clean dishes.

About six families and the JA staff gathered at this place.
This lunch was planned by JA which is an organization that helps farmers through technology and acts as a connection between farmers and consumers.

First the staff told us how to cook vegetables and asked us to buy vegetables grown in Iiyama city after the trip.
Then our family split and joined other groups for cooking.

The group of fathers including me burnt the corn we gathered and a Dutch oven.
Since we started a fire and added charcoal, it was terrifically hot and there was smoke hurting our eyes.
However, we had make an effort for our families.

I knew for the first time that corn could be burnt with their skin on.

In addition we put a Dutch oven which had cabbages and a potatoe-tasting consomme in it.

The corn was really sweet and the potatoes were so tender.
The fried corn was the most popular dish on that day.
If you add butter or soy sauce, you can make them more deliciously.

The mothers group cooked raw vegetables and fritters (tempura 天ぷら).
The vegetables included fresh lettuce, tomatoes, raddish and cucumbers.
The fritters included peas, raddish and potatoes.
I didn’t know the radish fritter could taste sweet and spicy a little.
The mothers also felt very hot while they cooked because of the oil.
We ate most of them only with salt.
There is nothing more delicious than fresh dishes.

Surprisingly children had to play a role too.

The work was to prepare flowing somen.
Flowing Somen(Nagashi somen) is an eating style where people catch and eat somen with their chopsticks as it runs down a stream of water.

Do you know somen? It is a kind of Japanese cold noodles.I eat it every week during the summer.

During the event the children dropped the somen through the bamboo and the parents ate them.
It looked like the children enjoyed making food for their parents.

A few children washed their hands in the water through the bamboo. Of course they were scolded.

Anyway we ate most vegetables we gathered although it was very hot.
The rest of vegetables were our happy souvenirs.

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50 thoughts on “Summer Trip in Iiyama City 05 : Eating Vegetables in Various ways

  1. I didn’t know you can make radish in a tempura, I must try it next time (I had other vegetables like red pepper, zucchini, broccoli, and my favourite – pumpkin! *^v^*).
    I like somen very much, very refreshing Summer dish although I’ve never had to catch it from the water in the bamboo pipe, must be fun! ^^

  2. サマーキャンプで家族全員で畑から採れた野菜を料理して食べる、お嬢さん達は本当の生きていく知恵を学ばれたことでしょう。 便利な生活の中、本で学べるものではないですね。 また、野菜のほんとうの味を知り、野菜はなんでも食べられる事でしょう。 お子さん達が集まって作業する姿も可愛いですね! ご家族全員の楽しい笑顔が一杯の絵日記 家族の宝ものになりますね!! 

    • いつもありがとうございます。いまだに、旅行の話を子どもがするので、楽しかっんだろうと思います。早く、引退してこういう所に住んでみたいです。

  3. I love tempura 天ぷら! It is tasty!! :D Cooking vegetables in the arms of nature, I guess it’s one of the best activity to do with family and friends!!! :D

  4. That looks very delicious!

    I think the word you are looking for is “grilled.” If the corn was burnt you would not eat it:)

  5. I’ve never heard of flowing somen – how fascinating!

    What an amazing outing. I think there’s nothing nicer than being w/ your family, eating outdoors – but cooking everything yourselves in a camp setting. So cool! Now it’s time for breakfast. This post has made me hungry!

  6. Great adventure where everyone gets to do something…Would have loved to be a part of the tour too…And what a spread you have all managed to cook..looks delicious and healthy…Burning/toasting corn with skin on is something new to me too. We normally remove those layers and then toast it on fire. Sometimes we rub a little salt and lime on it and then bite on it. The really smoked bits add to the flavour :-). Lovely photos to add to the posts too…Such green and plush rice fields…..rural areas have their own warmth, simplicity, beauty and peace. It is good to be away from the noise and rush sometimes. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Hi Cocomino,

    One of my favorite foods are the fried crunchy ones and I’ve never managed to make a really crunchy Tempura. Could you please give me some suggestions about making it crunchy?

    Thank. Have a nice day

    • I’m not good at cooking the fried crunchy Tempura but I heard the way to cook it well from someone.

      1. Don’t let coating gooey
      2. Heat and keep oil to 180 degrees.If the temperature is low, Tempura will not be crunchy.

      That’s all. Hope the rally crunchy Tempura.:smile:

  8. I agree with Freedom on the catching somen! All the food looks so delicious, to be enjoyed while creating precious family memories. :)

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